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Policy Brief

MPDD Working Paper on Economic Cooperation and Connectivity in the Asia-Pacific Region

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The region needs to invest in an efficient system of regional infrastructure for a seamless Asia to emerge. This will provide the foundation for Asian common markets and facilitate the creation of an eventual pan-Asian community. None of this will be easy, but it will have to be done by building institutions, harmonizing policies and regulations, developing and aligning standards, and, most crucially, attracting the required capital to the right kinds of regional projects. In these uncertain times, Asia must forge ahead with the challenging and immensely rewarding task of integrating this vast and diverse region to benefit all its citizens and the world at large. This will help boost further growth and prosperity in the region, spread the benefits of growth more widely and evenly and will enhance the region’s competitiveness. It will help reduce poverty and promote greater environmental sustainability. The support and strong partnership of ADB, UNESCAP and other development partners will ensure that the vision of a truly pan-Asian economic community materializes.


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