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Cross-border Infrastructure: A Toolkit

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This toolkit has been prepared based on a learning program offered to middle and senior policy makers of the Great Mekong Subregion (GMS) under the Phnom Penh Plan in March 2006. The program had four focus areas, namely, policy and planning, finance, private sector partnerships, and regulation and accountability. Each area was covered by an expert and included four learning modules. 

This Cross-Border Infrastructure Tool Kit has been organized to follow a grid of topics covering these four focus areas. PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and suggested reading materials for each topic are available in the accompanying CD-ROM, including case studies to enhance the user's understanding on the concepts. This booklet gives an informative overview of cross-border infrastructure in general while the highlighted portions in the text indicate that a more detailed description of that section is avaialble in the CD-ROM.


Asian Development Bank and Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility. 2007. Cross-border Infrastructure: A Toolkit.


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