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Critical Evaluation of Cross-Border Infrastructure Projects in Asia

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This paper attempts to fill gaps faced by policymakers and practitioners in the evaluation of cross-border infrastructure projects. It first defines what constitutes cross-border infrastructure projects, and then outlines an analytical framework and criteria to evaluate them. The criteria identify additionalities and externalities specific to cross-border infrastructure projects that need to be stressed in covering broader and indirect impacts that are not usually captured in the analysis of national projects. Then the paper examines to what extent the defined criteria are applicable in evaluating recent cross-border infrastructure projects. It also reports on emerging impacts patterns evidenced in relevant studies. The paper draws lessons and implications for design and implementation of crossborder infrastructure projects.


Fujimura, Manabu; Adhikari, Ramesh. 2010. Critical Evaluation of Cross-Border Infrastructure Projects in Asia. © Asian Development Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.


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