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Comprehensive Planning of Eurasian Transport Corridors to Strengthen the Intra- and Inter-regional Transport Connectivity

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Despite the progress achieved in Asia and the Pacific in terms of development of road and railway infrastructure, land transport is still underutilized for inter-regional connectivity between Asia and Europe, as land transport routes are heavily impeded by missing and substandard links in the infrastructure networks, as well as by complex and non-harmonized cross-border and transit transport documentation, formalities and procedures hampering the seamlessness of inter- and intra-regional connectivity.

In this context, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP) undertook a project on project on “Comprehensive planning of Eurasian Transport Corridors to strengthen the intra- and inter-regional transport connectivity” to identify infrastructure gaps and challenges, assess existing operational status, and propose mechanisms and measures to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and seamlessness of transport and logistics along three main transport corridors: Northern Transport Corridors, Central Transport Corridors and Southern Transport Corridors.

Extensive research were conducted and expert group meetings were organized to collect and discuss information of relevance, notably on the quality of infrastructure network and operationalization status along the Corridors; identify infrastructure gaps and investment/financing options; assess facilitation challenges including cross-borders issues along the corridor and recommendations of facilitation measures to mitigate the challenges; and to consider requirements for setting up institutional mechanisms for the effective operationalization of the corridors.

The findings of the project are compiled in the Study Report on the Comprehensive planning of Eurasian Transport Corridors to strengthen the intra- and inter-regional transport connectivity.


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