Breaking Silos: Actions to Develop Infrastructure as an Asset Class and Address the Information Gap

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Policy and industry initiatives have been launched to build a better understanding of infrastructure at the macro and micro level. Taken together, all of these data sources and methods used in these initiatives may be applied to help close the data gap in infrastructure, charting a course forward that better describes investment expectations for both policymakers and investors.

The aim of this report is to develop proposals for addressing the main gaps in information focusing in particular on infrastructure financing and the role of private sector. The proposals build on the two Workshops on Data collection for Long Term Investment held on the 2nd November and 10th of May 2017, supporting the G20/OECD Taskforce on Institutional Investors and Long Term Investment Financing, as well as on the OECD and Long-term Infrastructure Investor Association (LTIIA) Joint Forum on Developing Infrastructure as an Asset Class on 18 October 2017. Actions proposed are also building on the OECD report “Addressing Data Gaps in Long Term Investment: an Agenda for Research” developed in cooperation with other countries and international organisations for the G20 (e.g. Canada, Italy and the BIS). The G20 could play a key role in helping to advance the proposed agenda for research, building on countries and IO’s contributions.


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