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Connectivity Initiatives Around the World

Trans-Asian Railway Network

Countries/Territories/Economies associated with this Initiative
Armenia ;
Azerbaijan ;
Bangladesh ;
Cambodia ;
China ;
Georgia ;
India ;
Indonesia ;
Iran, Islamic Republic of ;
Kazakhstan ;
Lao People's Democratic Republic ;
Mongolia ;
Nepal ;
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of ;
Pakistan ;
Russian Federation ;
Korea, Republic of ;
Sri Lanka ;
Tajikistan ;
Thailand ;
Turkey ;
Turkmenistan ;
Uzbekistan ;

A project of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the Trans-Asian Railway aims to create an integrated freight railway network across Asia and Europe. Currently, it comprises 117,500 kilometers of railway lines, serving 28 member countries.

Image Credit: UNESCAP, 2017. Available from:


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