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  • Report  |   2017

    Climate Change and Trade Policy Interaction- Implications of Regionalism

    Author(s): van Asselt, Harro

    This report investigates the implications of regionalism for the interaction between trade and climate policy. It examines the implications of regional climate governance for international trade and conversely the implications of regional trade governance for climate change action. Regional approaches to climate change governance are discussed...

  • Report  |   2016

    Europe and China’s New Silk Roads

    Author(s): van der Putten, Frans-Paul ; Seaman, John ; Huotari, Mikko ; Ekman, Alice ; Otero-Iglesias, Miguel

    This report covers the role of OBOR in the relations between China and fourteen EU member states, including all larger countries and many middle-sized ones, as seen from the European side. Apart from the Balkan region and the Baltic states, all geographic sub-regions within the EU are represented. Moreover, a separate chapter discusses the EU...

  • Report  |   2014

    Valuing Services in Trade: A Toolkit for Competitiveness Diagnostics

    Author(s): Hollweg, Claire Honore ; Van Der Marel, Erik Leendert ; Sáez, Juan Sebastián ; Taglioni, Daria ; Zavacka, Veronika

    The Service Trade Competitiveness Diagnostic (STDC) Toolkit is part of a larger agenda of trade competitiveness work developed by the World Bank's International Trade Unit in recent years. Services are a key input in countries' trade competitiveness, as well as a new source of trade diversification, making it critical to understand what...


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