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  • Report  |   2013

    The Way to the Ocean: Transit Corridors Servicing the Trade of Landlocked Developing Countries

    Author(s): UNCTAD Trade Logistics Branch (Transport Section)

    The paper looks at selected East African transit corridors which provide access to seaports as gateways to link landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) with overseas trading partners.  Transport UNCTAD Trade Logistics Branch (Transport Section) Download PDF transit corridor...

  • Report  |   2013

    Recent Developments and Trends in International Maritime Transport Affecting Trade of Developing Countries

    Author(s): UNCTAD Trade Logistics Branch

    The report, which mainly draw on the UNCTAD publication "Review  of Maritime Transport 2012", looks at four different but interlinked aspects of the transport of global trade: trends observed in the demand for maritime transport services; the participation of different maritime countries in several specialized industries; recent...

  • Report  |   2014

    Closing the Distance: Partnerships for Sustainable and Resilient Transport Systems in Small Island Developing States

    Author(s): UNCTAD Trade Logistics Branch

    The report, intended as one of UNCTAD contribution to the Samoa Conference and, more generally, to the broader sustainable development agenda of SIDS, provide information about the maritime transport situation in SIDS and underscores the strategic importance of this economic sector for SIDS economies and communities. This report provides an...

  • Report  |   2018

    Rethinking Maritime Cabotage for Improved Connectivity

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    Connectivity is about possibilities for people, companies and countries to connect with each other. In the trade sphere, physical connectivity enables the delivery of goods and services to local, regional and global markets. Maritime transport connectivity determines the extent to which countries, markets, suppliers, buyers, importers, exporters...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    Towards Better Measurement of E-commerce Flows and Readiness

    Author(s): Ansón, José

    This session will put the spotlight on data and the importance of having accurate, reliable and timely statistics to inform policy makers. It will describe the indicators that are currently available and it will invite and discuss key recommendations on what needs to be done to improve data availability, especially in developing countries. The...

  • Report  |   2013

    Border Crossing Monitoring along the Northern Corridor

    Author(s): Fitzmaurice, Mike ; Hartmann, Olivier

    Border-crossing times in East Africa have been identified as a major constraint for smooth trade flows, both for regional trade and for international transit. Delays at borders disrupt efficient trade logistics, impacting on the transport costs and prices, and ultimately on trade competitiveness. In order to improve the efficiency of border...

  • Report  |   2018

    East African Community Regional Integration: Trade and Gender Implications

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    This report aims to analyse the impact of EAC regional integration on women’s well-being, with a focus on women’s employment. Both descriptive and quantitative analyses are used to this end. Chapter 1 introduces the background on the country and gender profiles. The country profiles section presents the major changes in the economic and social...

  • Report  |   2016

    Road Freight Transport Services Reform: Guiding Principles for Practitioners and Policy Makers

    Author(s): Tanase, Virginia ; Kunaka, Charles ; Paustian, Nina ; Philipp, Patrick

    Cost-effective and high quality transport systems are key to modern logistics. Their role can only be expected to grow even as the global economy goes through profound transformation in terms of how, where and when goods are produced or distributed. In many economies and at many different geographical scales, road transport remains the...

  • Report  |   2016

    Trade Facilitation and Development: Driving Trade Competitiveness, Border Agency Effectiveness and Strengthened Governance- Transport and Trade Facilitation Series, No 7

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    Trade facilitation reforms improve a country’s trade competitiveness and the effectiveness of border agencies. In addition, they can directly help advance development goals such as strengthening governance and formalizing the informal sector. The present study identifies policies to help reap the full development-related benefits from trade...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    E-Commerce & Trade Facilitation- Challenges and Opportunities

    Author(s): Gain, Bill

    Trade ICT Gain, Bill Download PDF Border management e-commerce technology cross border border border agencies paperwork Customs border procedures INTERNET e-payment integration air connectivity logistics last mile...

  • Report  |   2018

    Sustainable Freight Transport in Support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    The fifth session of the Multi-year Expert Meeting on Transport, Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation considered the linkages between trade logistics and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and discussed how best to leverage the sustainable freight transport dividend to enable effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the...

  • Report  |   2015

    The Regional Balkans Infrastructure Study Update: Enhancing Regional Connectivity, Identifying Impediments and Priority Remedies

    Author(s): El-Hefnawy, Moustafa Baher ; Sekerinska, Liljana ; Epaneshnikova, Evgenia ; Ryskulova, Nargis

    In an effort to further develop the South East Europe transport observatory (SEETO) comprehensive network, integrate it in the European Union’s (EU) Trans-European transport (TEN-T) network and strengthen the underlying transport planning systems, a grant was awarded by the Western Balkans infrastructure framework (WBIF) for the update of the...

  • Report  |   2015

    Introduction: Borders, Informality, International Trade and Customs

    Author(s): Cantens, Thomas ; Ireland, Robert ; Raballand, Gael

    This special issue deals with the “informal” cross-border trade in goods. Trading goods is an original human activity that precedes borders (Renfrew 1969). With the rise of nation-stateswith demarcated political boundaries, trade that crosses borders became regulated by government institutions such as Customs, with tariffs, quotas, or outright...

  • Presentation  |   2016

    World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    On Monday, February 1, 2016, the  World Bank Group Office in Geneva  and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) co-hosted a presentation of the “ World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends.” The 2016 World Development Report examines how the internet can be a force for development, especially for the poor in...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    Air Connectivity in Africa: Challenges & Opportunities

    Author(s): Pearce, Brian

    ICT Transport Trade Pearce, Brian Download PDF aviation Connectivity LOAD FACTOR market access air connectivity All Presentation International Air Transport Association 2017-01-01 00:00:00

  • Presentation  |   2014

    Regional Cooperation on Infrastructure Services as A Key Instrument for Developmental Integration

    Author(s): V. Mougani, Gabriel

    Transport Trade V. Mougani, Gabriel Download PDF integration border infrastructure Border Crossing REGIONAL INTEGRATION rules of origin Trade Facilitation All Presentation 2014-01-01 00:00:00

  • Report  |   2016

    Study on Permitting and Facilitating the Preparation of TEN-T Core Network Projects: Case Studies

    Author(s): Milieu Ltd

    Case studies from EU’s transport Trans-European Network (TEN-T) policy: 1 Case Railway Connection Lyon Turin (Val De Susa)  2 Case Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link  3 Case Brenner Base Tunnel 4 Case Rail Baltica (including the Warsaw-Bialystok Link) 5 Case Seine – Scheldt  6 Case Danube – Common Section Bulgaria-Romania  7 Case Liquified Natural Gas (LNG...

  • Report  |   2017

    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2017: Promoting Trade, Inclusiveness and Connectivity for Sustainable Development

    Author(s): Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ; World Trade Organization

    This edition of Aid for Trade at a Glance focuses on trade connectivity, which is critical for economic growth, inclusiveness and sustainable development. Physical connectivity enables the movement of goods and services to local, regional and global markets. It is closely intertwined with digital connectivity which is vital in today’s trade...

  • Report  |   2018

    Belt and Road Transport Corridors: Barriers and Investments

    Author(s): Lobyrev, Vitaly ; Tikhomirov, Andrey ; Tsukarev, Taras ; Vinokurov, Evgeny

    The report presents an analysis of the impact that international freight traffic barriers have on logistics, transit potential, and development of transport corridors traversing EAEU member states. Restrictions discussed in this report include infrastructural (transport and logistical infrastructure), border/customs-related, and administrative/...

  • Report  |   2017

    Review of Maritime Transport 2017

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    The Review of Maritime Transport is an UNCTAD flagship publication, published annually since 1968. Around 80 percent of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea, and the percentage is even higher for most developing countries. The Review of Maritime Transport provides an analysis of structural and cyclical changes affecting...


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