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  • Report  |   2014

    Implementing a Framework for Managing Fiscal Commitments from PPPs

    Author(s): Shendy, Riham M. E.

    Understanding the impact of fiscal commitments from infrastructure projects is essential to responsible long-term infrastructure planning. This World Bank Group note presents practical guidance to developing country governments on how to implement a framework for managing fiscal commitments from Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Drawing on...

  • Report  |   2017

    East Asian Integration: Towards an East Asian Economic Community

    Author(s): Dent, Christopher M.

    East Asia is a region of great global significance, currently accounting for around 30% of the global economy by most measures, e.g. production, trade, investment and finance. It has also become increasingly integrated in various ways. Integration at the micro-level has steadily progressed since the 1960s, as indicated by rising intraregional...

  • Report  |   2009

    IFC Advisory Services in Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from Our Work in Infrastructure, Health and Education

    Author(s): Amoako, Brigid ; Bea, Sylvestre ; Beloe, William Trant ; Cariaga, Arturo Doria ; Faustino Coelho, Carla M. N. ; Fernando-Pacua, Marianna Alfa ; Ferozie, Muneer A. ; Flores, Juan-Luis ; Gupta, Neeraj ; Hodges, John T. ; Leroy-Themeze, Claude M.L. ; Mehra, Neha ; Morley, James ; O'Farrell, Catherine C. ; Onoka, Jane ; Prevost, Christophe ; Progri, Ariana ; Sevilla, Jed A. ; Sobek, Martin ; Taylor, Robert

    This IFC SmartBook is a compilation of twelve IFC SmartLessons published between February and November and 2009 that focuses on the topic of conflict-affected countries. IFC Advisory Services in Public-Private Partnerships helps governments implement public-private partnership transactions and expand private-sector participation to increase the...


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