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  • Report  |   2016

    Benchmarking PPP Procurement 2017: Assessing Government Capability to Prepare, Procure and Manage PPPs

    Author(s): Ghossein, Tania ; Tejada Ibañez, Mikel ; Alreshaid, Nasser ; Khamudkhanov, Khasankhon ; Traboulsi, Zeina ; Larroque, Helene Candice ; Ruiz-Nuñez, Fernanda

    The right governance framework is necessary for PPP procurement. Benchmarking PPP Procurement 2017 is the first attempt to collect and present comparable and actionable data on PPP procurement on a large scale, by providing an assessment of the regulatory frameworks and recognized practices that govern PPP procurement across 82 economies. It...

  • Report  |   January 2018

    Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships 2018

    Author(s): Ghossein, Tania ; Ruiz Nunez, Fernanda

    Governments around the world have turned to public-private partnerships (PPPs) to design, finance, build, and operate infrastructure projects. Government capabilities to prepare, procure, and manage such projects are important to ensure that the expected efficiency gains are achieved. Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018 assesses the regulatory...


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