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  • Report  |   2005

    Connecting East Asia: A New Framework for Infrastructure

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank ; Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) ; World Bank Group

    Infrastructure development has made a major contribution to East Asia's enviable record on growth and poverty reduction. However, substantial new investments in infrastructure and service delivery improvements will be required to sustain progress in the future, and to address new challenges posed by urbanization, decentralization, and...

  • Report  |   2014

    Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Case Studies of APEC Member Economies

    Author(s): Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    This collection of 55 PPP case studies — provided by contributing APEC member economies, as well as international financial institutions — covers infrastructure PPP projects in the transport, energy, water supply and wastewater treatment, and service sectors of 18 APEC member economies (Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea,...

  • Report  |   2017

    Asian Economic Integration Report 2017

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    Asia and the Pacific is leading a recovery in world trade amid the continued uncertainty surrounding the global trade policy environment. This year’s Asian Economic Integration Report introduces a new composite index to gauge the progress of regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in Asia and the Pacific. RCI plays an important role in...

  • Report  |   2014

    Gobitec and the Asian Supergrid for Renewable Energy Sources in Northeast Asia

    Author(s): Mano, Shuta ; Ovgor, Bavuudorj ; Samadov, Zafar ; Pudlik, Martin ; Jülch, Verena ; Sokolov, Dmitry ; Yoon, Jae Young

    The Gobitec concept represents the idea of producing clean energy from renewable energy sources in the Gobi Desert and delivering the produced energy to high-demand regions. It is planned to transmit this energy via the planned Asian Supergrid (ASG), which would connect Russia, Mongolia, China, South Korea and Japan. The overall potential of...

  • Report  |   2018

    Incorporating Resilience in Infrastructure Prioritization: Application to the Road Transport Sector

    Author(s): Marcelo Gordillo, Darwin ; House, Ruth Schuyler ; Raina, Aditi

    Disruption of infrastructure services can cause significant social and economic losses, particularly in the event of a natural disaster. The World Bank Group and the Government of Japan established the Quality Infrastructure Investment Partnership to focus attention on the quality dimensions of infrastructure in developing countries, with a focus...

  • Report  |   2017

    Emerging Trans-Regional Corridors: South and Southeast Asia

    Author(s): Yhome, K ; Chaturvedy, Rajeev Ranjan

    A broadly interconnected Asia sees the simultaneous rise of India and China as strong states and even stronger markets. New ideas and initiatives of trans-regional economic corridors to further link regions of Asia and beyond have been emerging in recent years. China has initiated the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road (together the...

  • Report  |   November 2017

    Internet of Things: The New Government to Business Platform

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    The buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) has gathered momentum but the IoT phenomenon is poorly understood by governments and businesses. Governments are under pressure to become more innovative, evidence-based, and collaborative and IoT seems to offer opportunities such as increased competitiveness and innovation, and regulatory improvements...

  • Presentation  |   2014

    Practice on TRS Software

    Author(s): Katsu, Shigeaki

    The Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism (TTFMM) National Training Workshop for Bangladesh included participants from the National Board of Revenue, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Commerce and other relevant agencies. It provided detailed training in the integrated methodologies of (i) business process analysis (BPA), (ii...

  • Report  |   2011

    Regional Corridors Development in Regional Cooperation

    Author(s): Srivastava, Pradeep

    Regional corridors are popular components of regional cooperation initiatives and have been in use for several years. Yet discussion about development of these corridors tends to be relatively general in scope and difficult to pin down in terms of content and implications. This paper elaborates on a simple framework for regional corridors...

  • Report  |   2018

    Updating and Enhancement of the BIMSTEC Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Study

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    BIMSTEC aims to create an environment for rapid economic development through identification and implementation of specific cooperation projects in infrastructure and transportation. The core functions of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)—to promote free trade and increase cross-border...

  • Report  |   2014

    A Review of International Legal Instruments: Facilitation of Transport and Trade in Africa, Second Edition

    Author(s): de Matons, Jean Grosdidier

    This is the second edition of the 2003 paper entitled "Facilitation of transport and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: a review of international legal instruments — Treaties, conventions, protocols, decisions, directives.", developed as part of the SSATP program. Three major reasons motivated this update and an expansion of its scope. First...

  • Report  |   2017

    Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific: Implementation of the Operational Plan for Regional Cooperation and Integration, 2016–2020─Corporate Progress Report 2017

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    This publication covers the progress of ADB in implementing its Operational Plan for Regional Cooperation and Integration, 2016–2020, focusing on 2016, by reviewing progress made and identifying areas for improvement. Regional cooperation and integration (RCI) has become a valuable means for attaining national development goals. This corporate...

  • Report  |   2013

    What is Economic Corridor Development and What Can It Achieve in Asia’s Subregions?

    Author(s): Brunner, Hans-Peter

    Economic corridors connect economic agents along a defined geography. They provide important connections between economic nodes or hubs that are usually centered in urban landscapes. They do not stand alone, as their role in regional economic development can be comprehended only in terms of the network effects that they induce. As the case...

  • Report  |   2017

    Unlocking the Potential of Railways: A Railway Strategy for CAREC, 2017-2030

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    The strategy envisions rail transport to become a mode of choice for trade: quick, efficient, accessible, and easy to use throughout Central Asia. About 25,000 kilometers of railway corridors connect countries within the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) region. CAREC countries export mostly to the European Union (33% of exports...

  • Report  |   2010

    Institutions for Asian Connectivity

    Author(s): Bhattacharyay, Biswa Nath

    To make Asia more economically sustainable and resilient against external shocks, regional economies need to be rebalanced toward regional demand- and trade-driven growth through increased regional connectivity. The effectiveness of connectivity depends on the quality of hard and soft infrastructure. Of particular importance in terms of soft...

  • Report  |   2013

    Quantitative Analysis of Road Transport Agreements (QuARTA)

    Author(s): Kunaka, Charles ; Tanase, Virginia ; Latrille, Pierre ; Krausz, Peter

    Road freight transport is indispensable to international economic cooperation and foreign trade. Across all continents, it is commonly used for short and medium distances and in long distance haulage when minimizing time is important. In all instances governments play a critical role in ensuring the competitive advantage of private sector...

  • Report  |   2017

    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2017: Promoting Trade, Inclusiveness and Connectivity for Sustainable Development

    Author(s): Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ; World Trade Organization

    This edition of Aid for Trade at a Glance focuses on trade connectivity, which is critical for economic growth, inclusiveness and sustainable development. Physical connectivity enables the movement of goods and services to local, regional and global markets. It is closely intertwined with digital connectivity which is vital in today’s trade...

  • Policy Brief  |   2017

    Enhancing Regional Financial Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

    Author(s): United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

    According to the agenda for regional economic cooperation and integration set in the Bangkok Declaration on Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific of December 2013, regional financial cooperation in Asia and the Pacific focuses on three issues: (a) to equip countries with tools to cope with  financial volatility and...

  • Report  |   2018

    Asian Economic Integration Report 2018

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    This publication documents Asia’s progress in regional cooperation and integration. It covers the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank and analyzes regional as well as global economic linkages. The 2018 report’s special chapter “Toward Optimal Provision of Regional Public Goods in Asia and the Pacific” examines how collective action...

  • Report  |   2017

    Lessons from ADB Transport Projects: Moving Goods, Connecting People, and Disseminating Knowledge

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    From in-country to cross-country connections, whether by land, air, or water, transport is a key ingredient that enables nations to achieve economic and social development goals. ADB has been working with developing member countries to improve roads, airports, waterways, and other transport infrastructures to provide people with better access to...


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