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  • Presentation  |   2014

    ADB’s Initiatives on Promoting Transport Connectivity in South Asia

    Author(s): Iyengar, Kavita

    This presentation on the "ADB’s Initiatives on Promoting Transport Connectivity in South Asia" was delivered by Kavita Iyengar at the Regional Policy Dialogue on Strengthening Connectivity in Southern Asia held at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi on 19-20 November 2014. Trade Transport ICT Iyengar, Kavita Download PDF

  • Report  |   2014

    Developing Economic Corridors in South Asia

    Author(s): De, Prabir ; Iyengar, Kavita

    As tariff-based barriers decline in South Asia, countries in the region are recognizing the importance of transport and trade facilitation measures to reap the benefits of trade liberalization. The next stage in regional cooperation is the development of economic corridors. This book discusses the shaping of economic corridors along regional...


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