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  • Discussion Paper  |   May 2018

    Why Connectivity Matters

    Author(s): World Bank Singapore Hub / Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance

    A draft Discussion Paper developed by the team from the World Bank Singapore Hub leading the GICA Secretariat and featured in the June 2018 Virtual Discussion on LinkedIn. The idea of connectivity has risen to prominence as sine qua non in the modern economy. Increasing connectivity is one of the defining trends of the 21st century. This is...

  • Report  |   2018

    Managing PPP Contracts After Financial Close

    Author(s): Global Infrastructure Hub

    The PPP Contract Management Tool (referred to herein as the ‘reference tool’) provides public sector officials with practical guidance and case studies, so that those responsible for managing contracts after financial close are better able to ensure project objectives and value for money. The reference tool has been developed based on analysis of...

  • Book  |   2018

    Maritime Networks, Port Efficiency, and Hinterland Connectivity in the Mediterranean

    Author(s): Arvis, Jean Francois ; Vesin, Vincent ; Carruthers, Robin C. ; Ducruet, Cesar ; De Langen, Peter Wubbe

    For millennia, the Mediterranean has been one of the most active trading areas, supported by a transport network connecting riparian cities and beyond to their hinterland. The Mediterranean has complex trade patterns and routes--but with key differences from the past. It is no longer an isolated world economy: it is both a trading area and a...

  • Report  |   2018

    Port Industry Survey on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

    Author(s): Asariotis, Regina ; Benamara, Hassiba ; Mohos-Naray, Viktoria

    Given the concentration of populations, assets and services associated with ports, the size and value of built infrastructure, and the key role of ports as part of the network of international supply-chains, responding effectively to the impacts of climate change on ports and their land-based access points is of strategic economic importance....

  • Report  |   2018

    Aviation and the Role of CAREC: A Scoping Study

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    This study examines the potential role of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program in improving aviation in the region. The study provides an analysis of the CAREC region’s current state of aviation, and is structured around three principal components of aviation development: policy and regulation, infrastructure and...

  • Report  |   2018

    Rethinking Maritime Cabotage for Improved Connectivity

    Author(s): United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    Connectivity is about possibilities for people, companies and countries to connect with each other. In the trade sphere, physical connectivity enables the delivery of goods and services to local, regional and global markets. Maritime transport connectivity determines the extent to which countries, markets, suppliers, buyers, importers, exporters...

  • Report  |   April 2018

    Financing Innovation in Clean and Sustainable Mobility

    Author(s): de Concini, Alessandro

    This study on access to finance for the innovative road transport sector identifies critical gaps in the funding of companies developing technologies and services in this area and an uneven distribution of money, concentrated on specific business models and on a few individual companies, most of them outside the EU. The bottleneck of accessing...

  • Report  |   2018

    Belt and Road Transport Corridors: Barriers and Investments

    Author(s): Lobyrev, Vitaly ; Tikhomirov, Andrey ; Tsukarev, Taras ; Vinokurov, Evgeny

    The report presents an analysis of the impact that international freight traffic barriers have on logistics, transit potential, and development of transport corridors traversing EAEU member states. Restrictions discussed in this report include infrastructural (transport and logistical infrastructure), border/customs-related, and administrative/...

  • Report  |   June 2018

    Closing the Financing Gap in Asian Infrastructure

    Author(s): Ra, Sungsup ; Li, Zhigang

    ADB in 2017 estimated a financing gap in economic infrastructure of $459 billion per year for Asia. The gap almost doubles to $907 billion with the expected need for funding of social infrastructure. Infrastructure investment in Asia, both in economic and social infrastructure, faces a massive financing gap despite the region’s high savings. The...

  • Report  |   2018

    Credit Risk Dynamics of Infrastructure Investment: Considerations for Financial Regulators

    Author(s): Jobst, Andreas Alexander

    Prudential regulation of infrastructure investment plays an important role in creating an enabling environment for mobilizing long-term finance from institutional investors, such as insurance companies, and, thus, gives critical support to sustainable development. Infrastructure projects are asset-intensive and generate predictable and stable...

  • Report  |   2018

    Air Transport Competitiveness and Connectivity in the Caribbean

    Author(s): Ram, Justin ; Reeves, Damien ; James, Ronald

    This paper provides an overview of the initial findings of the status of air connectivity in the Caribbean, looking at both intra-Caribbean and extra-Caribbean travel. In addition, it discusses key impediments to connectivity and the potential benefits from removing or reducing these impediments. Through the use of a modified gravity model it...

  • Policy Brief  |   2018

    Building Complementarity and Resilience in ASEAN amid Global Trade Uncertainty

    Author(s): Villafuerte, James P. ; Khan, Fahad ; Tayag, Mara Claire ; Ng, Thiam Hee ; Jeong, Kwang Jo ; Zara, Dulce

    This brief explores how greater regional cooperation and integration within the ASEAN Economic Community can guard against the effects of global trade uncertainty. Growing bilateral trade tensions between the United States (US) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are a concern for members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN...

  • Report  |   2018

    Connectivity Along Overland Corridors of the Belt and Road Initiative

    Author(s): Kunaka, Charles ; Liu, Xingjian ; Derudder, Ben

    The six land corridors that are the  ‘Belt’ part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) connect more than sixty countries. As the initiative progresses, policy makers, analysts and researchers are trying to answer a few open questions of which the most common are: How can a country best benefit from the BRI? How should projects be prioritized and...

  • Report  |   2018

    Asian Economic Integration Report 2018

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank

    This publication documents Asia’s progress in regional cooperation and integration. It covers the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank and analyzes regional as well as global economic linkages. The 2018 report’s special chapter “Toward Optimal Provision of Regional Public Goods in Asia and the Pacific” examines how collective action...

  • Report  |   2018

    Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2018

    Author(s): Agility Global Integrated Logistics and Transport Intelligence

    The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index has three main components. First is the Index country rankings: a look at the composite scores of the 50 Index emerging markets based on a combination of their market size and growth prospects, market compatibility or overall business climate, and market connectedness or transport infrastructure and...

  • Book  |   August 2018

    Enhancing Connectivity through Transport Infrastructure: The Role of Official Development Finance and Private Investment

    Author(s): Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Cross-border or long-distance roads and railways as well as international ports and airports are needed to move products and people around in a globalised world. The OECD recently published a report, "Enhancing Connectivity Transport Infrastructure: The Role of Official Development Finance and Private Investment", which takes stock of...

  • Report  |   January 2018

    Air Transport Annual Report 2017

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    The 13th edition of the World Bank Group (WBG) Air Transport Annual Report, outlines the support that is given to emerging and developing countries in air transportation. It summarizes the current portfolio of the air transport practice at the WBG, and highlights some of the projects in more detail. The above described new approach of financing...

  • Report  |   2018

    The Development of Intermodal Transport in the SADC Region: Main Challenges and Business Opportunities

    Author(s): Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative

    Increasing interconnectivity in SADC is not only important to increase engagement in global value chains, but also to increase intra-regional trade and economic dynamism. Currently, intra-SADC trade accounts for only 16% of total trade, a figure dramatically lower than other geo-economic groupings in the world: EU 60%, Nafta 45%, and Asean 25%....

  • Report  |   April 2018

    2017 Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Annual Report

    Author(s): Saha, Deblina ; Hong,Seong Ho ; Modi, Akhilesh ; Zemlytska, Iuliia

    The annual update of the Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) database analyzes private infrastructure investment in low and middle-income countries for 2017. The update has traditionally looked at energy, transport, as well as water and sewerage investment. This year, the report adds data on information and communication technologies (...

  • Report  |   2018

    Trade Linkages Between the Belt and Road Economies

    Author(s): Boffa, Mauro

    This paper studies the production and trade linkages between a selected group of economies belonging to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). After defining a group of Belt and Road Economies, the paper uses three standard trade databases to analyze trade and production linkages among these economies. With the help of state of the art economic...


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