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  • Report  |   2016

    Road Freight Transport Services Reform: Guiding Principles for Practitioners and Policy Makers

    Author(s): Tanase, Virginia ; Kunaka, Charles ; Paustian, Nina ; Philipp, Patrick

    Cost-effective and high quality transport systems are key to modern logistics. Their role can only be expected to grow even as the global economy goes through profound transformation in terms of how, where and when goods are produced or distributed. In many economies and at many different geographical scales, road transport remains the...

  • Report  |   2014

    ECO Regular Monitoring of Trucks/NELTI 3- Final Report

    Author(s): International Road Transport Union ; Economic Cooperation Organization

    Based on the analysis of data collected in 2011-2012 on road transport conditions for commercial cargo deliveries in all 10 ECO Member States, the “ECO Regular Monitoring of Trucks/NELTI-3”. Final Report identifies specific barriers in the ECO region that impede road transport from playing its key role in society. The report notably reveals that...


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