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  • Report  |   2012

    Why Does Cargo Spend Weeks in Sub-Saharan African Ports? Lessons from Six Countries

    Author(s): Beuran, Monica ; Isik, Gozde ; Raballand, Gael J. R. F. ; Refas, Salim

    This study is timely because several investments are planned for container terminals in Sub-Saharan Africa. From a public policy perspective, disentangling the reasons behind cargo delays in ports is crucial to understanding:a) whether projects by the World Bank and other donors have addressed the most salient problems; and b) whether...

  • Report  |   2012

    The Impact of Demand on Cargo Dwell Time in Ports in SSA

    Author(s): Beuran, Monica ; Mahihenni, Mohamed Hadi ; Raballand, Gael ; Refas, Salim

    Long cargo dwell times in ports are a critical issue in Sub-Saharan African countries since they result in slow import processes and are bound to dramatically reduce trade. The main objective of this study is to analyze long dwell times' causes in ports in Sub-Saharan Africa from a shipper's perspective. The findings point to the...


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