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  • Policy Brief  |   2016

    Innovation by Design: Conducting a Border-Crossing Time-Release Study in Belarus

    Author(s): Tetyora, Victoria ; Shemshenya, Irina ; Abrashkevich, Aliaksandr

    In 2015, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) conducted a border-crossing time-release study (TRS) at three points on the Belarus border. The joint team customized a standard survey methodology to gather a wider range of data as well as to overcome time and other resource constraints. This smart lesson describes the team’s...

  • Report  |   2017

    Belarus: Enhancing Border-Crossing Time Release Studies to Support Trade Facilitation Reforms

    Author(s): Gabrielyan, Gagik ; Kerswell, Clayton ; Shemshenya, Irina ; Abrashkevich, Aliaksandr

    Belarus is a member of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), bordering three European Union (EU) countries (Poland,Lithuania and Latvia), Ukraine and Russia. As such, the country is strategically located for international transit trade. With the aim of boosting the country’s transit role, the government of Belarus is undertaking several infrastructure...


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