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  • Report  |   2016

    Mobile Connectivity Index Launch Report

    Author(s): GSM Association

    This launch report explains the purpose and methodology of the Mobile Connectivity Index, which measures the barriers and enablers to mobile internet adoption across 134 countries. For each country, the index provides a detailed understanding of the enablers of mobile connectivity – for example if a country scores poorly on connectivity, the...

  • Report  |   2016

    Capacity to Grow: Transport Infrastructure Needs for Future Trade Growth

    Author(s): International Transport Forum

    This report examines the consequences of increased global trade on the world’s transport infrastructure. More complex international freight flows as a result of diversified global trade patterns will change capacity requirements and increasingly reshape global transport networks over the coming decades. Policy makers need to understand now how...

  • Report  |   2016

    Electricity Security Across Borders

    Author(s): Wittenstein, Matthew ; Scott, Jesse ; Miza Muhamad Razali, Noor

    Electricity security is of critical importance to economies around the globe. This issue is only becoming more pressing as jurisdictions seek to decarbonise their power sectors. The increasingly interconnected nature of power markets brings both opportunities to more effectively manage this transition and the challenges that come from increased...

  • Report  |   2016

    Large-Scale Electricity Interconnection- Technology and Prospects for Cross-Regional Networks

    Author(s): International Energy Agency

    The report aims to deliver policy recommendations for power sector interconnection consistent with an integrated vision for future power systems, from end use to distribution and transmission. In keeping with International Energy Agency (IEA) scenarios, the publication will assess the short- and medium-term technical, market, regulatory and...


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