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  • Report  |   2015

    Digital Economy Study in Central and West Asia: Unleashing the Potential of the Internet in Central Asia, South Asia, the Caucasus and Beyond

    Author(s): Asian Development Bank, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Internet Society (ISOC)

    This report assessed the status of subregional Internet ecosystems and the level of progress toward achieving a digital economy (in which the Internet is the underlying driver of all sectors across an economy) and identified key elements to transition from a basic Internet economy to a thriving digital economy and society. ICT Asian Development...

  • Report  |   2015

    Unleashing the Potential of the Internet for ASEAN Economies

    Author(s): The Internet Society (ISOC) and TRPC Pte Ltd

    As the ASEAN Economic Community goes into effect this year, this report compares data on Internet connectivity, infrastructure and investment across 10 ASEAN economies and proposes broad and specific measures by which the region can, with the Internet's help, create a single market and production base. It compares data on Internet...

  • Report  |   2013

    Moving Forward: Developing Highway PPPs in Lao PDR

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    This Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) report provides an overview of how Laos’ vision to transform itself from a landlocked to a “land-linked” country in the heart of the Greater Mekong Subregion can be realized through improving its highway network. It advises the Government of Lao on the necessary considerations and steps...

  • Report  |   2009

    Toolkit for Public-Private Partnerships in Roads and Highways

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    The Toolkit for Public-Private Partnerships in Roads and Highways is a multimedia reference guide for policy makers and transport professionals to develop enabling environments, to promote private sector participation and financing in the development of their road and highway sector. Presented in six modules, each presenting a specific subject...

  • Report  |   2014

    Build-Operate-Transfer Concession for the Queen Alia Airport in Jordan

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    This webpage provides an example of a transaction in which multilateral development banks played a role in facilitating Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). It also demonstrates the value of private sector capital in infrastructure financing and the complexity of implementation. In the case of Jordan’s Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), the...

  • Report  |   2011

    Railway Reform: Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    The Railway Reform Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to navigating the challenging process of railway reforms. It provides not only an easy-to-use resource on the rail industry, but also an experience-based set of best practices to aid in the planning and execution of railway reforms. It is based on international experiences with railway reform...

  • Report  |   2015

    National Public-Private Partnership Framework in ASEAN Member Countries- Mactan–Cebu International Airport Passenger Terminal Project

    Author(s): Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

    This case study discusses the construction of a new passenger terminal and renovation of the existing terminal of the Mactan–Cebu International Airport (MCIA), the second largest airport in the Philippines. The paper presents the PPP project’s background, sectoral overview, financing scheme, and the tender process. Transport Economic Research...

  • Report  |   2013

    Connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Role of Internet Exchange Points

    Author(s): Galperin, Hernan

    This report takes stock of the development of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Latin America and the Caribbean, documenting best practices in four selected cases: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. It argues for accelerating the develop-ment of IXPs as a necessary step towards improving the quality and coverage of access services in the...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    E-Commerce & Trade Facilitation- Challenges and Opportunities

    Author(s): Gain, Bill

    Trade ICT Gain, Bill Download PDF Border management e-commerce technology cross border border border agencies paperwork Customs border procedures INTERNET e-payment integration air connectivity logistics last mile...

  • Policy Brief  |   2017

    Internet Crossing Borders: Boosting the Internet in Landlocked Developing Countries Executive Summary

    Author(s): Internet Society

    Trade ICT Internet Society Download PDF Greater Mekong Subregion Information Highway Landlocked Developing Countries trade obstacles transaction costs Customs systems fiber optic submarine cables INTERNET Information Technology Trade Facilitation single windows e-payments regional...

  • Report  |   2016

    Asia-Europe Connectivity Vision 2025- Challenges and Opportunities

    Author(s): Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

    The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) enters into its third decade with commitments for a renewed and deepened engagement between Asia and Europe. After 20 years, and with tremendous global and regional changes behind it, there is a consensus that ASEM must bring out a new road map of Asia-Europe connectivity and cooperation. It is commonly understood...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    Pacific Aviation Investment Program

    Author(s): R. Bennett, Christopher ; J. De Se, Christopher

    Transport R. Bennett, Christopher; J. De Se, Christopher Download PDF aviation runway security All Presentation World Bank Group 2017-01-01 00:00:00

  • Report  |   2017

    Toolkit on Cross-Infrastructure Sharing: Module 8 of the Broadband Strategies Toolkit

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    The World Bank's ICT Sector Unit initiated the development of this web-based cross-sector infrastructure sharing toolkit. Providing key stakeholders in the joint use of passive infrastructure by telecommunications operators and public utilities as both a reference point and learning tool. The overall objective is to capitalize on synergies...

  • Report  |   2013

    Hydropower and Regional Development: Case Studies

    Author(s): World Bank Group

    IFC’s Good Practice Handbook on Cumulative Impact Assessment Management: Guidance for the Private Sector in Emerging Markets is now available online. This handbook proposes a six-step process that guides private sector companies and emerging markets in the effective design and implementation measures to manage  cumulative impacts. Energy World...

  • Presentation  |   2017

    Infrastructure Sharing and Co-Deployment Issues

    Author(s): Beschorner, Natasha

    The Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) Steering Group Meeting (12 and 13 December 2017) and the Seventh Meeting of the Working Group on the Asian Highway Network (AH) (13 to 15 December 2017) was held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Senior officials responsible for ICT connectivity participated in the AP-IS Steering...

  • Report  |   2017

    PPIAF Annual Report 2017

    Author(s): The Public–Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)

    The Public–Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) 2015–2017 Strategy provides the opportunity to look back and analyze long-term trends in regards to its mandate and strategy targets. This report provides a qualitative cross-section of the breadth and width of PPIAF’s portfolio of activities, with snapshots of specific outcomes and...

  • Discussion Paper  |   May 2018

    Why Connectivity Matters

    Author(s): World Bank Singapore Hub / Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance

    A draft Discussion Paper developed by the team from the World Bank Singapore Hub leading the GICA Secretariat and featured in the June 2018 Virtual Discussion on LinkedIn. The idea of connectivity has risen to prominence as sine qua non in the modern economy. Increasing connectivity is one of the defining trends of the 21st century. This is...

  • Report  |   April 2018

    2017 Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Annual Report

    Author(s): Saha, Deblina ; Hong,Seong Ho ; Modi, Akhilesh ; Zemlytska, Iuliia

    The annual update of the Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) database analyzes private infrastructure investment in low and middle-income countries for 2017. The update has traditionally looked at energy, transport, as well as water and sewerage investment. This year, the report adds data on information and communication technologies (...

  • Report  |   2017

    2016 Progress Survey Report of Infrastructure Projects in CADP 2.0

    Author(s): Mori, Nobuyuki ; Nishida, Yoshiki ; Fujisawa, Takafumi

    The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) submitted the Comprehensive Asia Development Plan 2.0 (CADP 2.0) to the East Asia Summit in 2015. CADP 2.0 updates the infrastructure projects from the first CADP, reformulates the conceptual framework for connectivity and innovation, and discusses the quality of infrastructure...

  • Policy Brief  |   2009

    Ashta Hydropower: Turning a Doubtful Concept into a Technological Trailblazer

    Author(s): Sobek, Martin

    International Finance Corporation (IFC) played a key role in helping the Republic of Albania structure and implements it first large public-private partnership (PPP) transaction in the energy sector, which brought a strong and reliable international investor into the country. Verbund, Austria's largest electricity company won a 35-year...


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