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Vision to Program to Projects (V2P2P)

GICA's Vision to Program to Projects initiative showcases international good practices for taking cross-border infrastructure connectivity projects from initial vision through to implementation. Through the V2P2P framework, policymakers and practitioners can identify case studies and other resources to help plan, develop, finance, and implement successful connectivity infrastructure investments.

V2P2P Framework Tools

Moving infrastructure connectivity projects from a Vision to a Program to Projects starts with infrastructure planning, then moves through the phases of creating an enabling environment for infrastructure investments, prioritizing projects, and conducting the project transaction — before ending in project implementation. GICA's V2P2P Framework Tools highlight the various tools available, to help policymakers at each phase. The tools assist practitioners to plan, develop, finance, and implement successful connectivity infrastructure investments. 

Click on the icons to learn more about each framework phase — and to view the corresponding tools provided by GICA members and other thought leaders.


Explore international best practices in developing and implementing successful infrastructure connectivity projects.

Regional Connectivity

Discover how regional connectivity programs have developed from a regional vision, to a master plan, to infrastructure projects that facilitate cross-border connectivity.


Project Structuring

Want to learn more about financing structures across sectors and geographies? Browse our selection of connectivity project case studies focused on public-private partnerships (PPPs).



Enhancing Connectivity through Transport Infra

The OECD takes stock of continental and regional transport plans to place development cooperation in context, and examines partner strategies for transport connectivity.