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Trucking/logistics surveys can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify potential bottlenecks in corrridor operations or to monitor corridor performance. They typically target corridor users and regulators — government, logistics service providers and their customers. For policymakers, trucking and logistics surveys can provide detailed insights into bottlenecks along the corridor, which can lead to sensible policy recommendations.


While various approaches and methodologies exist, survey typically include structured or semi-structured interviews of the survey targets. The surveys also allow for  flexibility to explore structural challenges affecting supply chains and can also be used to collect quantitative data such as time, cost and load factors, among others. However, surveys can be resource intensive and have limited capacity to reconstruct historical developments. They are also often conducted only on an ad-hoc basis.


Image Credit: World Bank Group, 2016. Available from: License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.


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