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Monitoring & Assessing

Port Performance Indicators

There are numerous indicators measuring overall port performance. Absence of a common standard for data collection combined with limited data availability often limit development of a performance dashboard for a port. Regardless, some of the more commonly used indicators include the following:

  • Container dwell time: througput speed or how long a container stays at a port (terminal) or its extensions. While the dwell time concept has been initially applied in port operations, it is now being used also in other contexts, such as in passenger transport, etc. 
  • Voyage productivity: how quickly a port loads/offloads containers
  • Container traffic: container throughput at a terminal 
  • Truck visit time: time spent by trucks inside the terminal to deliver/pick up a container


Use Cases:
- US Department of Transportation's Freight Performance Measure Primer (
- US National Cooperative Freight Research Program's Report on Performance Measures for Freight Transportation (
- UNCTAD’s Reference Framework for Sustainable Freight Transport (UNCTAD SFT Framework) (


Image Credit: UNCTAD, 2017. Available from:


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