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Global Connectivity Outlook

How will the future of global connectivity unfold? GICA's Global Connectivity Outlook — spanning 5-year and 15-year time horizons — helps policymakers and practitioners understand and leverage the megatrends and game changers that will influence global infrastructure connectivity in the years to come. 


  • Changing Consumer Patterns

    Changing Consumer Patterns

    Despite the slowing global growth, the world is set to add approximately 2 billion people to the middle class by 2030. Their growing aspirations will shape and create new demands for global connectivity. Brookings forecasts a faster expansion of the middle class in the next decade than any other time in history. By 2020, the majority of the world’s population will have middle-class or rich lifestyles for the first time ever.



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  • Rebalancing in Global Networks

    Rebalancing in Global Networks

    Globalization—as manifested through free cross-border flows in trade, capital, labor, and ideas as well as the concomitant growth of global value chains (GVCs)—has been an important driver of export-led manufacturing in the past. Following decades of rapid growth, the pace of globalization appears to be slowing structurally, with a decline in parts and components trade and a shift in its center of gravity towards Asia.

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  • Deepened Focus on Sustainability and Climate Change

    Deepened Focus on Sustainability and Climate Change

    Threats to the environment and climate will continue to rise, if the current trends—population growth, overexploitation of ecosystem, and unsustainable consumption and production patterns—continue unabated, leading to a growing focus on sustainability. For example, CO2 emissions from transport could increase by 60 percent by 2050, despite the significant technology progress assumed in the outlook’s baseline scenario.

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  • Digital and Technological Revolution

    Digital and Technological Revolution

    Digital technologies will continue to disrupt and transform the global economy at an accelerating pace. In the mid-term, the impact of digitalization will cascade across every industry, redefining consumer expectations and business models, thus impacting the demand of connectivity in the future. This impact will affect countries of all income levels and cut through all aspects of life, including work, leisure, and communication.

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