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Vision to Program to Projects (V2P2P)

Enabling Policy Environment  |  Financial

Development Policy Financing (DPF)

Provided by the World Bank Group either in the form of loans, credits or grants, Development Policy Financing (DPF) provides financing to help address actual or anticipated development financing requirements. DPF aims to support the borrower in achieving sustainable development through a program of policy and institutional actions, such as strengthening public financial management, improving investment climate, addressing bottlenecks to improve service delivery, and diversifying the economy.

DPF supports such reforms through non-earmarked general budget financing that is subject to the borrower's own implementation processes and systems. The DPF policy emphasizes country ownership and alignment, stakeholder consultation, donor coordination, and results, and requires a systematic treatment of fiduciary risks and of the potential environmental and distributional consequences of the supported policies.


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