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Corridor Performance Monitoring Mechanism (CPMM)

Corridor Performance Monitoring Mechanism (CPMM) is practiced by the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) along the seven CAREC rail and road corridors. The CPMM’s underlying approach is a modified time-cost distance (TCD) model mapping the time and cost incurred along a corridor. Data for the model is obtained from independent transport companies. Drivers maintain a logbook recording all stops and payments. Key advantages of the CPMM are that the data provides a detailed, evidence-based picture where costs and delays are incurred, and by whom or what. Since data is being collected since 2009, the data can be used to track progress over time and across different routes and modes, on a country, corridor, or commodity-level and singled out for specific nodes i.e. border crossings. However, the underlying TCD-methodology also limits itself to time and costs (and disregards others). Data may also not be available equally for all corridor segments, especially if corridors are part of a larger transport network.


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