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The Trade and Transport Corridor (TTC) performance depends on a complex combination of factors involving public and private entities (logistics operators, control and enforcement agencies), hard and soft (transport infrastructure and facilities, legal and regulatory environment, procedures and practices). Improving corridor performance requires therefore a good understanding of the obstacles to trade in order to determine the causes for lack of performance and not just the symptoms. The objective of Corridor Observatories is to help reaching that thorough understanding of the obstacles so that remedial actions be identified and implemented. A Corridor Observatory is primarily an analytical tool that analyzes corridor performance in its multiple dimensions. It can be developed as a permanent mechanism anchored to corridor management institutions or specialized agencies of regional/national institutions for regular monitoring of corridor performance – a dashboard for corridor management institutions in which red flags can trigger additional investigation and remedial action; or as an ad-hoc expanded diagnosis to help undertaking a deep-dive into selected aspects of corridor performance, using for instance the diagnosis tools to investigate in detail a specific challenge at the preparation phase of an intervention on a corridor. In recent years, Corridor Observatories started to utilize digital information that became available from new, and often sensorized, sources such as cars, GPs, toll gates and traffic counters. The data is typically stored either on a cetral data repository or cloud, where data is processed and analyzed, increasingly in in real-time. The data from such observatories can be used multiple purposes including optimizing traffic flows, enhancing operational performance and asset utilization to establishing a platform for evidence-based policy dialogue. Use Cases: - EU's Portopia Project ( - The Northern Corridor Transport Observatory in Eastern Africa ( - The Transport Observatory - Central Corridor Transit Transport Performance Monitoring Tool ( - CattLab’s Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) ( Image Credit: CATTLab, 2017. RITIS. Available at:


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