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Monitoring & Assessing

How can we measure infrastructure connectivity performance? GICA equips practitioners by identifying the best-fitted tools to monitor and assess connectivity at a global, regional, national, or local level. 

With these global indices, compare and benchmark national performances against regional peers or within selected country groupings—or monitor a country-level performance over time with periodically published indices.

  • Logistics Performance Index (LPI)

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport

    Logistics Performance Index (LPI): An interactive benchmarking tool to help identify challenges and opportunities in trade logistics performance.

  • Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI)

    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development   |   Trade ; Transport

    The Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI) captures how well countries are connected to global shipping networks.

  • Global Connectedness Index (GCI)

    DHL   |   Trade

    The Global Connectedness Index (GCI) aims to provide comprehensive and timely account of the world’s global connectedness, covering 140 countries (as of 2016).

Regional & National

Use these corridor-specific or network performance measuring tools for infrastructure planning, analysis, and evaluation at the regional and national level. A wide range of approaches span geographic coverages, modes of transport, and indicators.

  • Corridor Observatories

    Trade ; Transport

    The Trade and Transport Corridor (TTC) performance depends on a complex combination of factors involving public and private entities.

  • Corridor Performance Monitoring Mechanism (CPMM)

    Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation   |   Trade ; Transport

    Corridor Performance Monitoring Mechanism is practiced by the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation along its rail and road corridors.

  • Supply Chain Performance Monitoring Initiative

    Trade ; Transport

    Transport Canada’s (TC) Supply Chain Performance Monitoring Initiative is an example of a regional approach of monitoring freight movements within specific corridors.

  • Railroad Corridor Performance Monitoring

    Trade ; Transport

    The Rail Freight Corridor Rhine Alpine is responsible for the largest transport volume in Europe and provides a good example of how to manage and monitor performance of a railroad corridor.

  • Trucking/logistics surveys

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport

    Trucking/logistics surveys can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify potential bottlenecks in corrridor operations or to monitor corridor performance.

Use these tools to identify bottlenecks and assess performance of individual facilities, such as port and borders.

  • Time Release Study (TRS)

    World Customs Organization   |   Trade

    Developed by World Customs Organization (WCO),  the Time Release Study (TRS) is a unique tool and method for measuring the performance of Customs activities as they directly relate to trade facilitation at the border.

  • Port Performance Indicators

    What are the indicators that can be used to measure overall port performance?