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  • IMT-GT Implementation Blueprint 2017- 2021

    Centre for IMT-GT Subregional Cooperation   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Implementation Blueprint (IB) 2017-2021 contains the first batch of five-year strategies towards implementing the new long-term vision for IMT-GT, i.e., IMT-GT Vision 2036 (Vision 2036).  Trade Transport ICT Energy Centre for IMT-GT

  • Greater Mekong Subregion Mid-Term Review and Revised Regional Investment Framework Implementation Plan 2020

    Asian Development Bank   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    This report presents the mid-term review and third progress report of the Regional Investment Framework Implementation Plan 2014-2018. It discusses the status of 93 priority investment and technical assistance projects as of 30 June 2016. The document also contains the Revised Regional Investment

  • Russian Federation-- A Sector Assessment: Broadband in Russia

    World Bank Group   |   ICT

    A first step in infrastructure planning is often to do a sector assessment.  This World Bank paper aims to advise the Government of Russia on the measures needed to develop broadband throughout the country in support of economic growth. It first examines the broadband market in Russia and

  • Foreign Direct Investment in Cross-Border Infrastructure Projects

    Asian Development Bank   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    Comparative study of foreign direct investment in cross-border infrastructure in Latin America; Eastern and Central Europe; and Asia, including six case studies of investment in infrastructure projects in these regions. In this paper the authors critically review the relevant information and

  • Allocating Risks in Public-Private Partnership Contracts

    Global Infrastructure Hub   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    The objective of this Report is to provide additional guidance to countries, including both members and non-members of the G20, that wish to develop a programme of PPP transactions. The primary focus is on those countries with limited or no prior experience of PPPs, and the desired outcome of the

  • Managing PPP Contracts After Financial Close

    Global Infrastructure Hub   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    The PPP Contract Management Tool (referred to herein as the ‘reference tool’) provides public sector officials with practical guidance and case studies, so that those responsible for managing contracts after financial close are better able to ensure project objectives and value for money. The

  • Public-Private Partnership Monitor

    Asian Development Bank   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    This publication provides information on the PPP business environment in nine ADB developing member countries to help public sector policy makers improve private sector participation in infrastructure projects. The first edition of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Monitor tracks the development

  • Blended Concessional Finance: Scaling Up Private Investment in Lower-Income Countries

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    Blending funds from private investors with concessional funds from donors and philanthropic sources has a strong potential to scale up investment in lower-income countries and thereby accelerate development. The use of blended concessional finance is already prevalent in lower-income countries

  • Funding and Financing Infrastructure: The Joint Use of Public and Private Finance

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    The paper addresses the issue of the feasible level of private finance in a contracting model of infrastructure finding and financing. It characterizes the structure of financial contracts, deriving the conditions under which both public and private finance coexist. A key feature is that access to

  • Credit Risk Dynamics of Infrastructure Investment: Considerations for Financial Regulators

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    Prudential regulation of infrastructure investment plays an important role in creating an enabling environment for mobilizing long-term finance from institutional investors, such as insurance companies, and, thus, gives critical support to sustainable development. Infrastructure projects are asset

  • Prioritizing Infrastructure Investment: A Framework for Government Decision Making

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    Governments must decide how to allocate limited resources for infrastructure development, particularly since financing gaps have been projected for the coming decades. Social cost-benefit analysis provides sound project appraisal and, when systematically applied, a basis for prioritization. In some

  • Blended Finance: A Stepping Stone to Creating Markets

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    At the heart of IFC’s approach to blended finance are efforts to create and help sustain private markets with strong development impact. This note explores the role of blended finance in creating markets and looks at lessons from three blended finance projects and structures—and how each

  • Connective Financing: Chinese Infrastructure Projects and the Diffusion of Economic Activity in Developing Countries

    AidData   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    How do development projects influence the geographic distribution of economic activity within low-income and middle-income countries? Existing research focuses on the effects of Western development projects on inter-personal inequality and inequality across different subnational regions. However,

  • January

    Financing Infrastructure in Asia: Capturing Impacts and New Sources

    Asian Development Bank ; Asian Development Bank Institute   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    How can infrastructure investment in Asia increase output, taxes, trade, and firm productivity?

  • May

    Digital Access: The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa

    World Bank Group   |   ICT

    Digital Access collects much of the experience and insights earned by the Partnership program over the past six years. It offers readers the story behind the African digital financial revolution, as experienced by some of those who have made it happen.

  • January

    Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships 2018

    World Bank Group   |   Trade ; Transport ; ICT ; Energy

    Building on the success of Benchmarking Public-Private Partnership Procurement 2017, the 2018 edition of the report significantly increases the geographical coverage from 82 to 135 economies.


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