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What is the Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance?

The Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance — GICA for short and pronounced “jee-ka” — strives to promote cooperation, knowledge exchange, and meaningful progress in the field of global interconnectivity. A G20 initiative launched in 2016, the GICA Secretariat is hosted by the World Bank Hub for Infrastructure and Urban Development in Singapore.

Global infrastructure connectivity: A catalyst for development

Global Infrastructure Connectivity refers to the linkages of communities, economies, and nations through transport, communications, energy, and water networks across a number of countries.

Greater interconnectivity can translate into higher productivity, gains in service efficiency, greater spillover benefits of investments, and growth in trade.

National governments, international organizations, and other international stakeholders have long recognized the significance of infrastructure connectivity in achieving sustainable development and shared prosperity.

As a result, connectivity has become a key priority for policymakers and practitioners.

GICA’s mission: Supporting connectivity through cooperation and knowledge exchange

  Over the last 20 years, a plethora of economic corridors, cross-border investment programs, trade and logistics observatories, and regional bodies dedicated to promote connectivity and regional integration have emerged. However, information on global infrastructure connectivity is usually presented at a regional or thematic level with limited opportunities for comparisons across regions or sectors. While a rich flow of new resources (reports, tools, etc.) on connectivity is being produced on a continuous basis, there is no platform to capture the most relevant documents.

The Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance (GICA) has been launched by the G20 in an effort to close this gap in availability of current, relevant resources related to infrastructure connectivity. GICA will work across regions and disciplines to promote cooperation, knowledge exchange, and meaningful progress in the field of global interconnectivity.

In July 2016, the G20 asked the World Bank Group to serve as the Secretariat of GICA, working closely with the Global Infrastructure Hub, the OECD, multilateral development banks, international organizations, UN organizations, and interested countries.

Key activities

Activities under GICA aim at:

  • Accelerating knowledge sharing on global infrastructure connectivity across regions
  • Developing solutions to close gaps in global infrastructure connectivity
  • Facilitating interactions among experts on connectivity issues
  • Visually showcasing connectivity initiatives across the globe through an interactive mapping tool
  • Determining the trends and game changers impacting global connectivity
  • Optimizing infrastructure financing for infrastructure connectivity programs
  • Providing relevant performance measurement tools on global infrastructure connectivity


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