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Countries, multilateral development banks, international organizations, and established associations can participate in GICA and its efforts to improve global infrastructure connectivity as Members.

How to Participate in GICA

What is GICA?

An initiative, launched by the G20, that aims to enhance cooperation and synergies of cross-border infrastructure and trade facilitation programs to improve connectivity within, between, and among countries. The GICA Secretariat is hosted by the World Bank.

Progress towards greater global interconnectivity requires a holistic approach and greater interaction among different players, sectors, and regions. However, this progress has faced a roadblock: the lack of a readily accessible platform that captures relevant information and provides opportunities for stakeholders at the global, regional, national, and local level to engage in a multi-discipline conversation on the current and emerging challenges, and seek collaboration among a variety of connectivity-related initiatives.

GICA’s workstreams, therefore, include mapping of connectivity initiatives around the world and performance measurement tools, facilitating knowledge resources among policymakers and practitioners, identifying solutions and knowledge gaps, and highlighting megatrends impacting the future of connectivity.

Our Core Activities

GICA activities across the sectors of transport, trade, ICT, and energy include:

  • Identifying Resources & Gaps
  • Sharing Good Practices
  • Mapping Connectivity Initiatives
  • Global Connectivity Outlook
  • From Vision to Program to Projects
  • Monitoring & Assessing Connectivity

Who can join GICA as a Member?

Membership in GICA is open to countries, multilateral development banks, international organizations, and established associations with deep industry expertise and knowledge in cross-country connectivity. GICA engages members by seeking input and contribution in our planned activities and providing platforms to foster coalition and cooperation in future projects among members.

The benefits of becoming a GICA Member include:

  • Acknowledgement of Member’s role and contribution to GICA activities in all public documentation of GICA containing the data, materials, or work shared by the Member
  • Opportunity to contribute expertise in GICA activities that are aligned with the Member’s core expertise and comparative advantages
  • Opportunity to provide input, flag needs, and shape upcoming outputs of GICA activities and future directions
  • Opportunity to co-organize and facilitate virtual discussion on the GICA LinkedIn Group
  • Preferred access to the GICA Annual Event and opportunity to speak or facilitate a session

Our growing membership base comprises national governments, including China and Indonesia; multilateral development banks, such as ADB, AIIB, EDB, and the World Bank; international organizations, such as OECD, UNCTAD, and The Commonwealth Secretariat; global institutions, such as Global Infrastructure Hub (GIHUB) and Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO); and international associations, such as the Long-term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA) and the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI).

Other ways to contribute to GICA

GICA is an open network, building on voluntary cooperation among its participants. We value an exchange of views with practitioners and thought leaders in global infrastructure connectivity. These can be through face-to-face events, GICA LinkedIn discussions, or the development of joint solutions.

The GICA Secretariat will flag the most active contributors on a regular basis through its newsletter and other channels and give them priority as speakers or participants in special events.

How to join or contribute to GICA

Ready to join or contribute to GICA? We invite official representatives of countries or eligible organizations interested in joining GICA as a Member to apply online and to read the Memorandum of Understanding on GICA Membership: Common Terms.

We encourage others to suggest a contribution.


Questions about joining GICA or how to participate? Email us at