Global Mobility Report 2017 : Tracking Sector Performance

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The Global Mobility Report 2017 (GMR) is the first-ever attempt to examine performance of the transport sector globally, and its capacity to support the mobility of goods and people, in a sustainable way. The GMR is built around three components: (i) four global objectives that define "sustainable mobility"; (ii) quantitative and qualitative targets for those objectives, drawn from international agreements; and (iii) indicators to track country-level progress towards those objectives. It covers all modes of transport, including road, air, waterborne and rail.While the ambition is clear, realism is equally important. Because the sector is scant on indicators and data, this first edition concentrates on structuring the space—the vision—and taking stock of indicators and targets—not yet actually tracking progress toward sustainable mobility. Among all possible transport indicators, it identifies both actual and desirable indicators. Actual indicators consist of those endorsed through the SDG indicators process andthose commonly used by practice leaders in transport. This data for over 180 countries will be presented on-line in a user-friendly format via "country mobility snapshots". The methodologies and data for other indicators will be developed over time. 


Sustainable Mobility for All. 2017. Global Mobility Report 2017 : Tracking Sector Performance. Washington, DC. © Sustainable Mobility for All. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO


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