Interested parties who qualify can participate in GICA and its efforts to improve global infrastructure connectivity as either Members or Contributors.

How to Participate in GICA

Who can join GICA as a Member?

We welcome membership inquiries from countries, international organizations and established associations (e.g., the Express Carriers Association or the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) who are willing to participate in GICA and contribute to fulfill its objectives.

Who can join GICA as a Contributor?

We encourage other entities, including private sector bodies and think tanks, to consider joining GICA as contributors, who may participate in GICA and its activities based on their core competencies.

How to apply to join GICA

Are you an official representative of a country or organization interested in participating in GICA? Let us know more about your interests by completing this short survey.

For more information about membership and how to participate, contact us at


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